localStorage.langueChoisie="En"; Futur Antérieur, Surrealist painting by Raymond Leclerc

Two acrylics on canvas 60 x 40 in
152,8 x 96 cm 

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Instructions:   You will certainly be more comfortable using a computer with a large screen. Locate the two areas in blue. They allow you to change the images sizeClick the red button in the left blue box, and drag it from right to left to get the bigger possible image for your screen. When you click an image, it is placed in the foreground (on top of the other). You can also dredge it for place it to your choice.   To put 2 images in the first position, click here on this normal button (in yellow)--->
 Futur: Notice first that Future is a part of Anterior, part that is on the left, down in Anterior. It is the tower that caught fire and that we see close up. There are 3 people. The woman tel her husband that the gas station it caught fire. She does it with a mirror because it is now forbidden to speak. This one tries to reconfigure its time space to go back but the 'reeset' does not work. Poor him! He is disturbed in full football game.

On the springboard to the left, a child holds over the abyss the head of a known figure that the Iraqi court of human rights against war criminals has just condemned to beheading.
Examine the image on TV. It is the football stadium that the Statue of Liberty holds at arm's length (top and left of the image). The TV, its cabinet, the speakers, the drawer handles and the red bottom form a character. It is the revenge of the material.

 Antérieur:  Emerging from a bottomless pit, a well-known Texan takes the temperature of the world. Catastrophic!
It does not matter to him since the monstrance that forms his face always contains the beautiful green dollars he loves more than anything.

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Animated Analysis
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Animated Analysis
Work in progress
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